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geteduroam - Re: getting started with geteduroam

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Re: getting started with geteduroam

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  • From: Gheorghiță Butnaru <gheorghita.butnaru AT>
  • To: Paul Dekkers <paul.dekkers AT>
  • Cc: geteduroam AT
  • Subject: Re: getting started with geteduroam
  • Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2021 13:57:14 +0200


Both apps use the same CDN. If you tell me your IdP (name, or IdP number in CAT), I'll clear the cache for you.
I can find ourselves in the eduroamCAT app.
IDP name: "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, id: 7088
I more or less like their blessing (also because they need to assist you potentially in eduGAIN if you were not in there) they don't need to do anything. It's a bit like hosted IdP and CAT services, they're also not used without NRO consent ;-) But also, in the future they may need to indicate/help onboarding of institutions, like they do with CAT.

For onboarding we need to know the eduGAIN entityID of the IdP, basically.

I will ask them to send a confirmation.
We are part of eduGAIN. entityID:

One advantage may be that authentication stays on campus?

For the pseudo-account server code, you'd be looking at

In the end, we may want to self-host. But for testing purposes or until the self-hosted option became mature enough, we will go with GEANT.
Profiles are typically valid for a year. The iOS app and future Android apps will warn you 5 days before expiration - but the current Android doesn't do that.
Is there an option to invalidate someone's profile?

Gheorghita BUTNARU,
Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi

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