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geteduroam - Re: iOS bug resolved in 15.2, Windows client update

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Re: iOS bug resolved in 15.2, Windows client update

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  • From: Paul Dekkers <paul.dekkers AT>
  • To: Ralf Paffrath <paffrath AT>
  • Cc: "geteduroam AT" <geteduroam AT>
  • Subject: Re: iOS bug resolved in 15.2, Windows client update
  • Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 09:44:11 +0100
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Ah, maybe I wasn't clear about the API; it doesn't affect the way the Apps work on the profile side, it uses a different Android API to install the WiFi networks. This was non-existant in Android 10, it caused a crash in the first release of Android 11, but it works well on A11+ now, but we have some remaining issues that we're still working on.

So it will continue to use .eap-config files, which is an answer to your second question also: all current Apps read .eap-config files, also iOS, and not .mobileconfig. (In fact I think that wouldn't even be possible.) We may have a different strategy on a macOS version, but that's for later.

Hope this clarifies things,


On 12/11/2021 09:03, Ralf Paffrath wrote:
Hi Paul,

is there any documentation for the new API?

Will the new GETEDUROAM App read in the .mobileconfig on iOS?

Best regards,

On 11. Nov 2021, at 12:44, Paul Dekkers (via geteduroam Mailing List)
<geteduroam AT> wrote:

Hi geteduroam-list,

We wrote earlier about the bug in iOS 15 that made it impossible to install
certificates (both client and CA) from the iOS geteduroam App. Fortunately,
this bug is resolved in the upcoming iOS 15.2 release; we have confirmation
from Apple and verified with the past 2 beta builds. Now hope iOS 15.2 is
released soon ;-)

Little news on the Android App; we continue to work on a new version, and now
have one that uses a different API compared to the current published beta:
it's behavior is more natural for the users, but there are a few issues still
to resolve before we could release it. (If it doesn't work out, we could
still use the version as published in beta now: it is stable.)

I'll also take the opportunity to also highlight a new release of the
geteduroam Windows client; there was a bug where we didn't use the
(anonymous) outer identity for EAP-PEAP accounts (just EAP-TTLS). This is
fixed in version 3.2.6, via or the downloads on (Thanks to Guy Halse for finding it and creating an
issue for this.)


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