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cat-users - Re: [[cat-users]] CAT 2.0.4 released and to be deployed on tomorrow

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Re: [[cat-users]] CAT 2.0.4 released and to be deployed on tomorrow

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  • From: Tomasz Wolniewicz <twoln AT>
  • To: cat-users AT
  • Subject: Re: [[cat-users]] CAT 2.0.4 released and to be deployed on tomorrow
  • Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 18:19:28 +0100
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There are also some changes to the user interface that might be of interest:

The institution selection handles searching better - it is possible to search for the institution name in language different from the one selected in the interface, nuances like umlauts versus the simplified spelling like ue/ae etc. should also work fine

The institutions list starts downloading in the background immediately after the CAT page is displayed, therefore by the time the user click the institution selection button the list is usualy there and the selection popup is immediate

The device list has been simplified - Apple devices have a single button and there are less Android devices

The modern Android devices now point to the geteduroam app rather then the legacy eduroamCAT


Tomasz Wolniewicz

W dniu 24.02.2021 o 16:56, Stefan Winter pisze:


It's been little while since our last update of eduroam CAT. A number of small bug fixes accumulated over time, and there are a few "mini" features that deserve cutting a release 2.0.4.

The notable features are:

  • [FEATURE #1] The system now sends out notification/alert mails if a significantly security relevant parameter was changed. The mails go to the NRO admin. Significant changes are:
    - change of institution name
    - addition of a new root CA (with more prominent WARNING if the new CA has the same DN as an existing one)
    - addition of a new acceptable server name
  • [FEATURE #2] support negotiation of TLS versions higher than 1.0 while still rejecting SSL2 and SSL3
  • [FEATURE #3] realm reachability checks now produce a WARNING level message if the EAP server does not support TLS1.2 or higher
  • [FEATURE #4] check whether SRV-discovered hostname and certificate hostname match

Also, we are happy to add a new translated language: welcome, Română (Romanian).

You can find the tarball on GitHub as usual ( ) but for most of you the most interesting question is probably when the new code will be deployed on

We have reserved a maintenance slot for that tomorrow, 1300 CET. The expected downtime is in the seconds range, so you would be particularly unlucky to notice at all.

As usual, if you notice new buggy behaviour of any sorts after the update, please let us know.


Stefan Winter

Tomasz Wolniewicz    
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