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geteduroam - Re: default/other languages instead of device language in new geteduroam android

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Re: default/other languages instead of device language in new geteduroam android

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  • Subject: Re: default/other languages instead of device language in new geteduroam android
  • Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2024 14:30:10 +0000
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On Fri, 2024-01-05 at 14:11 +0100, Paul Dekkers wrote:


The discovery is still not multi-lingual, we're working on that. The issue is in part with performance, and meanwhile we stick to the "default" language.

For privacy considerations the processing of the discovery is entirely done on the client.

Very appreciated

The question is, should we send all languages to the client (increasing the discovery file size!) and have the client decide on the order; that means, if my language preference is NL-DE-EN [...]
We have very poor performing Android phones in the community, think about African countries, and those need to keep up and process this information also. The current discovery is already a bit slow for some.

Makes a lot of sense

Either way, this behaviour has not changed in the past years.

Sorry for not noticing before, my life is Italian/English  mixed, so it's difficult to discriminate for my brain unless some sort of short circuit happens. :-)

In your case, it's different BTW from ours in the Netherlands, as we have no NL translation in CAT. That means we're assuming in the geteduroam discovery that default = NL.

As a University we have some scenarios in which people with an active account from our institution are not italian-speaking (alongside with non english-speaking italians), so we appreciate added flexibility in this field.

Let me know if you have feedback to the logic, that's always welcome.

Well, my opinion (but widely opened to suggestions) is to move torwards one of these two scenarios:

1. Simple scenario: document CAT admin interface telling that default/other language setting, limited to institution name, may appear in some installers even when a translation matching the client device language is present (resource (? don't know how to concisely explain here) limitation).

2. Complex scenario: Build (say each 30 minutes or so?) a pre-cooked set of nationalized search lists server side 
     falling back to default/other language value if nationalized value is not present, 
     falling back again to country of the institution value if  default/other language value  is not present,
     falling back again to any other value of the same attribute. 
     geteduroam would fetch only the precooked list corresponding to its OS language. This would obviously impact CDN content distribution and update timespan (for what I understand should be tolerable).


Open to suggestions.

Regards and happy 2024

Daniele Albrizio


On 05/01/2024 12:53, ALBRIZIO DANIELE (via geteduroam Mailing List) wrote:

de49d99e634d215e26f27e95eed1558769b73cc1.camel AT" style="">
Using geteduroam android beta 2.0(516) 2/1/2024 on Samsung Galaxy A71 Android 13 - ITALIANO

When searching for Trieste  I get "University of Trieste - Italy" instead of "Università degli Studi di Trieste"

If I search for "Università degli Studi di Trieste" I get no results.

CAT configuration for this institution is :
Paese: Italia
Nome Organizzazione default/altre lingue: University of Trieste - Italy
Nome Organizzazione English(GB): University of Trieste
Nome Organizzazione Italiano: Università degli Studi di Trieste

My expected behaviour would be either:
1. My device is set up in Italian I expect results in Italian
2. I get results in all languages

Could you confirm this behaviour?


Daniele Albrizio
Ufficio Reti e telefonia | ICT - Phone and Network Management
Università degli Studi di Trieste | University of Trieste
Via Alfonso Valerio 12 - 34127 Trieste (Italy)
daniele.albrizio AT
Tel. | Ph. +39 040 558 3319
Ufficio Reti e telefonia | ICT - Phone and Network Management
Tel. | Ph. +39 040 558 3331

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